Darkling Room

Video games production company, based in Cornwall,
producing strong narratively driven adventure games
such as the Dark Fall and Crown series.

DF - Ghost Vigil

Dark Fall - Ghost Vigil

Join the all-night ghost vigil at Harwood House. As part of the 'OPG' paranormal team, explore the haunted buildings and investigate sightings of ghosts, long reported around the area of Wolfenden. Grab the ghost hunting gadgets and solve the mystery surrounding this abandoned building.

Dark Fall - Ghost Vigil
The Crown Games

Nigel Danvers returns... at last!
in Blackenrock

Nigel Danvers is haunted. Ever since a brief but disturbing experiment with a Spiritboard, he has felt someone, or something, calling to him. What is the significance of the word 'Blackenrock'? Is it a name, an item, an event, a place?

Paranormal adventure awaits.

Jonathan & Jemima would love to meet you.
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The Last Crown

Return to Saxton

It's been a while for us (!!), but for Nigel only a few months have passed. The mist is rolling in again, the town bell is ringing, it's time to return to Saxton.

In Production

Dark Fall
Storm Warning

The Bazalgette Pier awaits...

A fifth Dark Fall game is in production. Take a trip down an old seaside pier. The old ruins still cling to the past, but a storm is rolling in.


The Last Crown
Midnight Horror

Halloween has arrived in Saxton, it's time to play Trick or Treat. Nigel Danvers is back! Grab the ghost gadgets, there's a ghost to hunt.

amy is still missing

Dark Fall
Lost Souls

It's murder out there!

A fourth installment of the Dark Fall series and a return to the old train station and hotel. A scary time awaits, as The Inspector finds not all is as it seems.

Darkling Room Classic

Dark Fall
Lights Out

A lonely lighthouse with a strange haunting.

The second Dark Fall game takes adventure fans out to sea, where a very strange haunting is troubling the keepers of Fetch Rock Lighthouse.

Darkling Room Classic

Dark Fall
The Journal

The first ghost-hunting adventure.

An oldie but a goodie, Dark Fall was like Myst with ghosts, said many, but it's also a good puzzle game with a non-linear story and subtle soundtrack.