Horror in Cornwall

Name: Horror in Cornwall
Grab a flashlight, some garlic and a crucifix and walk with us through the Horrors! Horror in Cornwall explores the shows, films and theatrical extravaganzas which have shocked, terrified and titillated the world. Experience horrors such as the undead classic 'Plague of the Zombies', 70's glam 'Dracula' or the ominous 'The Omen part III'. If Cornwall was good enough for Lucifer, it's good enough for you.
"An eye popping exploration of the Cornish landsacpe"

Saxton Museum

Name: Saxton Museum & Town Website
Saxton's humble museum recieves its own website. Saxton is a foggy, half forgotten town, hidden away on England's coastline. The small harbour town is known for its ghosts, legends and myths, a few of which can be explored in this very website. So, fasten your coat, wrap up in a scarf and join treasure seekers and ghost-hunters on the train to Saxton Station.
Quote: "an oppertunity to explore Saxtons rugged coastline & clifftops"

This Haunted Land

Name: This Haunted Land & MysteriousCoast.co.uk
About: Ever wondered about ghosts? Do they exist? The "THL" team are finding out! Through extensive casefiles, video clips and sound recordings they are uncovering the UK's haunted heritage. Come along and join the spooky fun. The easy access website is clearly presented and updated on a regular basis. Scary nights have never been this fun! (Not for the nervous, or easily frightened).
Quote: "I was scared out of my wits, but kept going!"
- THL Member

Fetch Rock Lighthouse

Name: Fetch Rock Lighthouse
About: Explore the world's "most haunted lighthouse". Standing on the isolated 'Fetch Rock', the lighthouse has been plagued by disasters, legends of ghosts and sudden disappearances. The present owners have flung the doors open to the public. Catch the ferry from Trewarthan, and visit one of the spookiest locations on England's coast.
Quote: "
wonderful virtual location, very spooky". - East Cornwall Gazette - Halloween Edition 2005

Hadden Industries

Name: Hadden Industries
The global developer of ghosthunting gadgets, and recreational electronica, have arrived! Paranormal investigators, like Polly White and Nigel Danvers, have been using their gadgets and gizmos for years, and to great effect. Visit Hadden Industries to learn more about their advances in science(fiction). A ghosthunters shop will be added soon, where you can browse for EMF's, Digicams and nite-vision goggles.
Ghosthunting Gadgets for the modern paranormal investigator.

A Warning to the Curious

Name: A Warning to the Curious
About: Web area devoted to the M.R.James classic 'A Warning to the Curious'. Explore this chilling short story: it's themes, horrors and legacy. Set among the eerie reed beds of East Anglia, an amateur archeologist is searching for the third and final Anglo-Saxon crown. By doing so he provokes the guardian spirit of William Ager, sworn to protect the crown, and England's coast.
Quote: The search has begun, and the curious shall be rewarded.

Horror in Cornwall

Name: The Owl Service
A site devoted to the Darkling Room favourite, The Owl Service by Alan Garner. Learn about the book, the legends, the author and even make your very own paper owl, just like Alison! There's also a section devoted to the 'legacy' , exploring the work of those scratched by the owls, from digital entertainment to alternative folk. Come on down to the Welsh Valleys and smell the flowers of the oak, the broom and the meadowsweet,


Name: Cortexa
About: Exhibition piece for the Poitier Film Festival, and shown at the Poitier Planetarium. With a 360 degree view, the artwork wowed the critics and resulted in a nomination for the "Multimedia Award for Innovation". The software allows the viewer to test their own brain functions!
Quote: "Looks and sounds like a Cronenberg movie". - Poitiers Film Festival/Judges Panel.

The Displacement

Name: The Displacement
About: The first, and highly sought after, adventure game from XXv Productions. As the 1999 eclipse brings unnatural
darkness to the streets of London, a man disappears from his home. In the meantime, a dusty journal is discovered in a junk shop, featuring dates from the far future! The gamer travels time and space to unravel the mystery, solving devious puzzles along the way.

Quote: "A breathtaking race against time!" Lorraine Marsh - Adventure fan and gamer.


Barrow Hill US Cover.

Name: Barrow Hill / US Packaging Artwork
About: It was Darkling Room's pleasure to design a concept for the US release of archaeology adventure 'Barrow Hill'. Using motifs, atmosphere and styles from the game, a suitably dark and sinister cover was designed by Jonathan Boakes, and finalised by Got Game Entertainment. The cover can be seen in stores across the USA and Canada. Watch out for that crow!
Quote: "striking cover to fly off shelves across the USA" - Shadow Tor

Lights Out Poster

Name: Dark Fall 2 Poster
About: Designed and produced as promotional material for 'Lights Out', this striking poster appeared in magazines across the USA, including the popular paranormal journal known as GHOST! Magazine. Full sized print versions also appeared in London bookstores and independent game stores. Exhibiting a chilly outlook, with hints of period design, the poster successfully introduced the title to many gamers.

Original Dark Fall Artwork.

Name: Dark Fall Original Box Artwork
About: Way back in 2002, and long before the game received an international makeover, this humble box design was created for the self-published independent edition. Capturing the humble, disquieting and 'classic' game texture, the cover features a lonesome lightbulb, set in a derelict location.
Less than 2000 copies of this game shipped with this artwork, before the title was snapped up by a major US publisher. Rare.

The Lost Crown: DVD and Poster artwork

Name: The Lost Crown: Poster and DVD Sleeve
About: Designed and produced as promotional material for 'The Lost Crown: a ghosthunting adventure', this striking image appeared in magazines across the USA, and Europe. Full sized print versions also appeared in London bookstores and independent game stores. This design was replaced in the USA, by new cover art, also designed by Jonathan Boakes, exploring a haunted house theme.

Barrow Hill Poster.

Name: Barrow Hill: UK Poster
About: Local advertising, both billboard and print media, can help get a title like Barrow Hill noticed. A poster was requested, by Shadow Tor Studios, and Darkling Room were happy to take up the task. Using existing artwork, screenshots, reviews and themes the poster was completed in May 2006, and appeared across Cornwall and some independent game stores in London and abroad.

Already Autumnal

Name: Already Autumnal
About: A new exhibition of photographs, capturing the changing seasons in the Looe and Polperro area. Large Giclée Canvas prints were exhibited in the Tawny Mill & Restaurant, deep in the Cornish countryside. The prints can also be viewed online, at the Already Autumnal website, which provides a selection of previews.. Autumn flora, fauna and landscapes are captured for virtual tourists to enjoy.
Quote: "vibrant autumnal colours beautifully exhibited
" - ArtScene

The Twice Told Tales of Lynch Fox Wood

Name: The Twice Told Tales of Lynch Fox Wood
About: Exhibition of digital composites, to accompany a video installation at the Hearts and Minds Gallery in West London, May 2005. Photography by Jonathan Boakes, and Pete Crowhurst, with musical soundscapes by David McCoy.
Quote: "A disquieting atmosphere is created which stays in the mind many hours after leaving the eerie space created". Evening Standard.

2 Weeks after the storm / a photographic exhibition

Name: 2 Weeks after the storm
About: An exhibition of photographs, by Jonathan Boakes. On wednesday, 27th of october, 2004, 75mph winds and unusually high tides brought chaos and destruction to the Cornish coastline. This collection of B/W prints explores 4 miles of that coastline, from Looe to Seaton. This exhibition was held in The Bunker gallery in London, and The Smithy in East Looe.
Quote: "bad memories,
beautifully presented" - Time Out


Name: Detektor
About: Short black and white film, featuring Samuel Dicker. A young boy explores the wood with his metal detector, while a lonely man reflects upon his life in a sealed, and empty room. A candle flickers and dies, as the boy finds a glass container. Inside lies the answer which the lonely man has been seeking.
Quote: "Disturbing organica fused with nightmarish urban landscapes... a beautiful and powerful film...
". Nova Zairtech. Artech Film Critic.


Name: Forensic
About: CSI Software development for exhibition and installation. Designed by Jonathan Boakes, and developed by Malavathan Industries, the software enables exploration of crime scenes, evidence gathering and cross reference database. A fingerprint scanner, and motion detectors brought this project to life, and presented new forms of interaction.
Quote: "Clinical, hard wearing and efficient" - S Ryan

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