Welcome to Ghost Vigil

Our aim is to prove the existence of 'ghosts' through paranormal experiments. The venue is Harwood House, boasting a disturbing history, waiting to be experienced, by you. We believe the building is haunted, not by a single unknown entity, but several. The O.P.G have placed several remote live cameras and experiments throughout the building.

Harwood House is now empty as it has been for 4 decades, but you can be the eyes in the dark... watching... waiting. Discover what happened.

The house was built in 1747, as a country home for Lord Harwood, his wife and young son, Edgar. The Harwood estate was modest, stretching to a few dark wooded hills, deep in the Oxfordshire countryside. A tragedy occurred, in 1749, when Lord Harwood lost his son to scarlet fever.

A mixed history then befell Harwood House; it was passed from one owner to another in quick succession. It would appear no-one wanted to stay, for long. In later years the house became a hotel, a maternity hospital and eventually, in 1968, a children's home known as Shangri La.


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Your Role:

You are very new to the OPG, the Oxford Paranormal Group, but have to face your first 'all night vigil' at Harwood House. You have been given the Attic, as your designated 'closed door experiment'.

In addition to exploring your designated investigation area, there are also ghost cams available to see other parts of the venue, as well as interactions with your fellow OPG members via messages and walkie talkie.

Your mission is to monitor the equipment and paranormal experiments. Things start off okay, with potential activity; orbs, flashes, temperature drops... until midnight, when things become deeply ‘unexplainable’. Who haunts the attic of Harwood House?




  • Explore a detailed and haunting setting, for ghost hunting and exploration.
  • Full immersive soundtrack in surround sound.
  • Hear real audio phenomena captured during Ghost Hunts.
  • Point And Click interface Adventure Game.
  • Solo gameplay.
  • Experience flashbacks to the past through Time Slips.
  • Uncover the secret hauntings at Harwood House.
  • Conduct experiments into the paranormal.
  • A cast of ghosts to discover and ghost hunting companions to remotely interact with during your Ghost Hunts.
  • Written by Jonathan Boakes, creator of the Dark Fall and Lost Crown games.
  • Utilise a collection of Ghost Hunting gadgets to discover supernatural activity.
  • Monitor CCTV cameras set up across the location.
  • Use Dictaphone EVP recordings, Night Vision camera, EMF Detectors and a Thermal cam to help pinpoint phenomena.




The Oxford Paranormal Group is happy to welcome new recruits. We offer a supernature adventure for those brave enough to join our small band of ghost-hunters.

Our new investigation is our most challenging. No-one has conducted a proper paranormal survey of Harwood House. There are dangers a plenty; from asbestos, lead poisoning, tetanus and of course, the ghosts!




  • Launch OS: Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 3.0 Ghz (intel Core i3 or equivalent or higher)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 1 GB nVidia Geforce GT460 or equivalent
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c Upwards
  • Storage: 6 GB available space - TBC
  • Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Audio
  • Launch Language: English
  • Mouse Controlled. Keyboard Control. Controller Control Compatible.
  • Additional Notes: Wide Screen monitor required.

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