Long awaited, Blackenrock is finally about to leave the confines of the Darkling Room. After several ups and downs, the game is a worthy and suitable sequel to a much loved classic. Return to Saxton to hunt ghosts, once again..


Nigel Danvers is haunted. Ever since a brief but disturbing experiment with a Spiritboard, he has felt someone, or something, calling to him. What is the significance of the word 'Blackenrock'? Is it a name, an item, an event, a place? All the clues regarding Blackenrock lead out to sea, through the dense fog, away from the safety of Saxton. A trip into the unknown! The scattered rocky remnants of old Ulcombe make for treacherous waters, as the claw-like rocks seem to stand guard, preventing all but the most brave from discovering what hides beyond.



Spine-tingling ghost stories to investigate.
Realistic ghost-hunting, featuring actual E.V.Ps
Explore isolated, creepy haunted locations with Ghost Gadgets.
Gather clues from a full cast of characters.
Chilling original soundtrack.
Learn clues from interacting with spirits of the dead.
Point and click gameplay.
Collect paranormal evidence and analyse your findings.



A few in-game screenshots, from Blackenrock. Please visit the Official website for more screens, videos and info. The Last Crown - Blackenrock - A Ghost-Hunting Adventure.

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Blackenrock will be available boxed or digital download, including Steam.

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The game will also be available DRM Free.