The fifth Dark Fall game, created by Darkling Room, takes the player out to sea, down the old Bazalgette Pier. Written and produced by Jonathan Boakes


You have inherited a classic Seaside Pier! Straight out of nowhere, a mysterious solicitor contacts you to tell you the good news, " are the last remaining relic of the Bazalgettes. The pier, both the building and contents are now yours. The key's are enclosed...". There's only one catch... The antique attraction closed down, for good, in March 1988. It's a ruin! The old arcades, fairground and promenade are derelict; peeling fairground rides, rusting Victorian ironwork and malfunctioning arcade machines, and of course, the ghosts!



Detailed and fully realised 3D seaside Pier setting.
Ghost-hunt and fight to survive during a terrible sea storm.
Full immersive soundtrack in surround sound.
A full cast of ghost characters to discover.
Written by Jonathan Boakes, creator of the Dark Fall and Lost Crown games.
Dramatic visual effects; stunning weather and period atmospheres.
Solve the mystery of the 'disappearances' that have plagued the Bazalgette Pier.
Uncover forgotten relics as you venture out across the North Sea.
Platforms: Multiple - To Be Announced.



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